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Re:Francois Faloppa S2

In a message dated 97-02-22 20:44:49 EST, RELAYER@aol.com writes:

<< The new issue of European Car has a pic of a beautiful ginster yellow
 Quattro that looks like it's ready to rally.   He also owns a  '83 UrQ.  The
 owner is Francois Faloppa and he lives in Clawson, Michigan.  Does anyone
 know him and could help me get in touch with him??  I wanted to talk to him
 about the mods to his CQ and what he recommends.
      Christian J. Long >>


Yes, I know Francois Faloppa.  He had organised the Michigan Winter Quattro
Driving School before the weather turned it into the winter swimming school
(or how many audis do you see at the bottom of the lake contest).  He sold
the ginster yellow CQ and will soon be getting his new specially modified S-2
CQ (20 valve turbo motor with chips/intercooler/ special suspension, etc.)
conversion in black from Ivor at T.A.P. with 350+ ponies (so I understand)!
 This car was supposed to be Ivor's promo vehicle before the A-4's became so
popular and because there will be many more 1.8t A4 cars than CQ....

Check earlier Winter Driving school posts for his address and phone.  Don't
have it with me right now.

-Ingo Rautenberg
'90 V8Q 163K+
'85 4KQ 130K
Bloomfiedl Hills, MI  USA