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Re: Synthoil AGAIN?? very very long,,,,,,,,,

Dear Al,
My point has been, is, and will be that like everything else synthetic oil
is not without it's short comings, this "blanket" endorsement of synthetic
by you and the list is not justified, with the exception of Corvette and
Porsche, engine manufacturers have not jumped on the synthetic wagon. I
have told you that I personally ran two tests of synthetic oil for an OEM
engine manufacturer one test on a large diesel for 1000 HRS at rated load
(160 BMEP, 1000BHP) and another test on a large natural gas engine for 1000
HRS at rated load (160 BMEP, 1100BHP) the oil used were Tenneco 30W and
Delvac 1 Mobil both synthetics, the results were:
INCREASED wear on engine components, especially valve train
double the oil consumption
premature failures of seals
We did not endorse the synthetic oil use in our engines.... the cost for
the above tests was in excess of $100,000 in 80 dollars..
Now, I also have a lot of data I documented on my own VW, Chev,  Audi and
Buick which confirm the above tests, I used Delvac 1 Mobil on my Jetta
diesel for a period of 365,000 miles, in that period I replaced two engines
and rebuilt those engine twice more, the car was driven at 95% highway
miles and generally was treated very well,
Why do you and the rest of the list refuse to accept Consumer magazine
tests? nobody on the list (including me) can match the ability of consumer
magazine testing ability and data crunching powers. Why do you believe and
except the information from Mobil or Amsoil they are after all trying to
sell you a product.....
Take with a VERY large grain of salt the information supplied by chemical
engineers, they are the ones developing the synthetic oils after
all....listen to the OEM ....

There is nothing I can do to change your mind about using synthetics and I
agree "they have there place" but, in most cases they are not needed, the
quality of oil today is extremely high, use a good oil, change your oil
regularly and that's all you need to do... synthetic oil IS NOT going to
supply you with any extra margin of security or prolong your engine life. 
This is what synthetic will do for you:
start easier in the winter,
increased performance (although you won't notice much),good
increased RPM (although you might not notice),good
longer change intervals (10K is usually OK),good
lifters might sound less noisy, good
The std. oils performance is extremely close to synthetics (read some of 
the literature's, if you don't have it I have some)...
Conclusion (mine), no need for synthetics, regular oils are very good.
synthetics should be used in extreme cases read gear box (Audi), -30F
start-ups, long intervals of oil change desired and a few others...
Avi Meron