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Re: CGT's not so well after all

 While going over everything
>to get it roadworthy after completing the r/r, I decide to check if my
>PIAA combination driving and fog lights are in working order since when
>my car became disabled several weeks ago, both the driving lightbulbs
>were working but only one of the ion crystal fogs were working.  Well, I
>flick the toggle and pop! Both driving bulbs instantly crack the lenses
>from top to bottom! *&#!@!* THAT is a MAJOR bummer! I had been reading
>the A6 bulb upgrade thread and remember the author stating he had good
>luck w/ PIAA representitives, but I deleted the posts. Could the author
>of such posts please come forward(or a lister forward me his post(s)) to
>discuss possibilities with me? Thank you IA.

I read your post by total coincidence and I am the A6 poster who called PIAA.
Just my two cents, but whatever was done to the ignition module sounds
suspiciously like the reason your bulbs popped, not a PIAA error.  And not
to further rain on your parade, but the cracked lenses more than likely did
NOT result instantly from turning on the lights.  They are likely the
result of an impact with road debris you may not have felt, or sitting for
a while with the lights on and no car movement to provide cooling.  The
amount of heat output required to heat the lense inside surface so fast
that the outside surface was still cold and cause a thermal expansion
related crack is IMO not possible with a common bulb even if it's
overloaded, cause the bulb would quickly fail.

In essence, and I KNOW this is not what you want to hear, PIAA is likely
not the culprit in these failures.  When you call and tell them you have
lights only a few weeks old, and have two cracked lenses and 3 of 4 bulbs
failed they will likely come to the same conclusion. Having said that, here
is PIAA's number: 1-800-525-7422. I spoke with Chris in customer service.

Good luck with it, and I hope you find the problem.

Doug Miller
97A6Q Wagon, 93 LandCruiser w/diff locks (and well used skidplates), 71
LeMans Sport V8 Convertible. Cannondale Super V 900 Comp.