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96 Audi A4 Quattro and oil


I'm new to this newsgroup and don't know if this question has come up before.

I bought a 96 A4 Quattro (2.8L) one year ago.  My only complaint about the car is that I have to add oil on a fairly constant basis;  to be precise, I have to replenish with about 1 quart of 10W40 for each 2500 miles driven.  There is no obvious oil leak, as I can find no traces of oil in my garage (even after the car was parked there for 10 days without moving).

My dealer tells me this is expected behavior for A4s, which I find really hard to believe.  Have others had similar experiences?  Is my dealer trying to keep me adding oil to mask a serious engine problem he does not want to deal with while the car is under warranty?  Any suggestions on what to do, or what to look for (I'm mechanically challenged)?

Thanks for any and all help,