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Re: Audi questions from a soon to be owner

In a message dated 97-02-23 15:10:17 EST, you write:

<< Having been involved with Saabs for several years I am familiar with a
 company called ABBOTT racing in England that runs the Turbo Saloon races
 in 9000 and 900 turbos.  They also market a line of speed parts.  One part
 they have is caled the charge cooler which is basically a water to air
 intercooler.  It uses a small pump and a washer bottle to circulate water
 in the charge cooler while air passes through it.  They use it inline with
 the standard intercooler. Produces a nice healthy 20 to 25 horse jump on
 stock 2.3 liter 200hp 9000's.  I was wondering if anyone has anything like
 this for Audi's, especially the A4 1.8T?   >>

Nomenclature is always  a blast...
A "charge air cooler" is often used as another name for the intercooler
Sometimes I recall hearing people calling it a air to air heat exchanger too.
But that's off the point.  No, I'm not aware of anyone having such an item
for the A4 1.8T. It is after all a new engine and often things of such a 
speciality nature usually tend to follow the engine of performance choice.
That may be the 30V V6, time will tell.

It's a time honored tradition, cool going in makes hot HP on the output side.
Fuel too, I recall way back in my small block Chevy days of a coffee can with
a coiled fuel line in it that I think was made by a company called Modine,  a
"cool can". You would fill it with ice to lower the fuel temp. Weird things 
would happen in those things that used to be called carburetors. the same
Bernoulli effect that makes carb icing possible on a 70 degree day can lower
the boiling point of the fuel. Temperature & pressure being directly
and stuff like that.

Oh yeah, do the performance stuff after the three year test drive.  One of
greatest thrills of owning an Audi is kissing (most) expenses goodbye for 
three years ( in USA, can't speak for other markets ).  Tweaking  the thrust
generator may cancel the free ride.

Vince Lyons