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If you buy only one Audi video...

...make it 'Quattro, triumph of an idea' (or 'Victory of an idea', if you
believe the film titling). It's an excellent overview of Audi
racing/rallying activities, starting (briefly) with the Grand Prix cars of
the '30s, then going on to the UrQ, the Sport Q, the S1, the demise of
Group B (nice explanation, Audi, if a little beside the truth...), Pike's
Peak, the TransAm and IMSA victories, the V8 and 90 touring cars and lots
of footage of maintenance and repairs. All the well-known Audi drivers
(Michele Mouton, H-J Stuck, Hannu Mikkola, Walter Roehrl) are interviewed
and the footage is incredible. In-car shots, wonderful scenery... Nearly an
hour's worth of very good entertainment. Makes you proud of owning a car
with a marque heritage like that... a pity that it's from '93 and doesn't
cover recent successes with the A4.

It's produced by Audi Public Relations, D-85045 Ingolstadt, Germany.

No financial interest, just a satisfied viewer.


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands

            Osborn's Law: Variables won't, constants aren't.