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Re: Super-dooper engine treatments

Rob Nance wrote:
> At 08:24 PM 2/22/97 -0500, you wrote:
> >Okay Okay okay!  Don't use any of that garbage, Slick 50, Prolong,
> >whatever.  It is a solvent of undetermined makeup with solid bits of
> >teflon floating around in it. It simply gums up oil passages and sticks
> >itself to your cylinder walls thus depriving these areas of vital oil, be
> >it mineral or synthetic.
> OK, correct me if I am wrong or back me up if I am right here.  I seem to
> remember that being one of the selling points of Prolong.  That it didn't
> have teflon in it like all of the other treatments.  They showed all of the
> other oils after several months of use and many had turned chunky and
> otherwise, bad looking.  Prolong seems to be the only possibly good one out
> there.
> I used DuraLube about 3 years ago in my engine and it has never had any
> problems, no gains either.
I used Duralube in my Golf and gained 3 mpg.  Go figure....