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95-100 in Right Lane....

I'll spare you the source of this:

>>I have actually once driven from Boston MA to Portsmouth NH in the
rightmost lane of 3 or 4 on >>>route 95 at 100 mph the entire way.  no one
else wanted it !  And the the radar protection over >>>there is superb.

WRONG: The radar protection over there WAS superb...I drive this route a
minimum of 5 times a week...and if I see you doing that
again...I will personally call the police....and with the number of tickets
I happen to know you already have...I wouldn't !!!  Besides
which...my 67 year old Mom drives in the right lane...render unto
Ceasar...blah, blah, blah.   There is ZERO excuse for doing this in
the right hand lane!!!!!!