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RE: UFO Brake Repair


Nothing like cleaning up your rotors and putting in new pads.

On that note, you can get OE pads through Import Parts Connection ((800)
472-1144) for about $130 incl. S&H (from memory, but the price is
thereabouts somewhere). Also, there are some that make custom pads in
any compound you want if you supply the backing plates and I was told
that AVS ((360) 748-8578) has some UFO pads in a semi-metallic compound
in stock right now.

Just FYI.
- peter
  peterhe@microsoft.com - http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/1001
  91 200qw
  94 acura legend gs
  issaquah, wa, usa

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> Subject:	UFO Brake Repair
> Wow! What a difference!
> I have a 91 200q with UFO's on it. Starting a month or two ago, the
> brakes
> started to squeal, I knew the pads were getting thin. In the last week
> or two,
> things started getting much worse, it felt as if the front end
> bearings were
> going or possibly some of the front end bushings. The car wouldn't
> take bumps
> like it use to.
> So I looked at the pads last week, they were just thicker than the
> wear
> thingamajig. Got new pads from Clair ($177 for the pads alone, thank
> you) and
> installed them yesterday.
> The rotors seemed to be acceptable, I did grind all of the rust off of
> them on
> the O.D. and the I.D. of the rotor, then hit them with an orbirtial
> sander (on
> the in board side only, you can't get to the out board side because of
> cage). I
> also cleaned up the surface that the pads rest against with sand
> paper.
> Now that the brakes are done, the whole front end is like new! I can't
> believe
> it. It takes bumps much better, the wheel bearing being shot sound is
> gone, and
> no more nasty rattles in the front end. Amen!
> I'm just glad I didn't have to replace the rotors (time will really
> tell that),
> they were at about 24 mm, limit is 25 mm.
> Paul
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