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Re: Super-dooper engine t

 nance@flex.net writes:                                            

 RN> to remember that being one of the selling points of Prolong.  That it
 RN> didn't have teflon in it like all of the other treatments.  They showed

     A chemist from Lubrizol Corp. (makes oil additives for
     the large oil companies)  explained it very simply to me. Motor
     oil is like a cake recepie. So many pinches of this additive,
     a teaspoon of that additive etc. until you come out with as
     perfect a "batter" possible.  These aftermarket additives which
     basically contain massive amounts of chemicals already present
     in the motor oil mix, are like adding an extra pound of sugar, or
     flour etc. to the cake mix.  It doesn't improve the product, and
     most of the time is actually detrimental.  An example is additives
     which contain high amounts of zinc dialkyldithiophosphate.
     Zinc is added as a last-resort barrier to metal/metal contact between
     parts in the absence of any lubricating oil. The amount present
     in motor oil is 0.1% to 0.2%, by adding the various snake-oils
     on the market with zinc, you're not getting any extra protection,
     (unless your normal driving habits include driving without oil
     in the crankcase on a daily basis) and it causes deposit formation
     on valves, spark plug fouling, and premature damage and deterioration
     of catalytic converters.

     The other additives present in these snake-oil additives do
     similar things to your vehicle.



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