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RE: Tail-gating

No problem Igor.  I think there is a cultural difference here....  I couldn't have realized that the tail-gating jerk behind you could be using you as a screen.  I'm not used to that in Ontario.  People just pass, and they are gone....  130 km/h +...   When I follow a speeder, I follow 400 metres back.... way back and away.   That's how I can see the smokey minion come out of hiding and go after the 'faster' car.

It's interesting, but when I drive to Detroit from Toronto, it's never in the southbound direction that I pick up "stragglers".  Only in the northbound direction, and with Michigan plates on it.   The revenue generators sure have them trained.  Do they ever pull over the *following* car instead of the first one?

Geez, Igor, I had one of those hydraulic bumpers on my '82 Jetta.  That was when it was still easy to strap a $50 trailer hitch to a car.
Got hit twice from behind (like you) with no damage.  Laughed, cause after they met my trailer ball, they weren't as lucky.


Tony K
'93 QCS 100
Also accustomed to driving in Europe.... except the rental agency gave me an Opel Astra that could only do 160 km/h! ....poor car almost had a coronary!
>I learnd how to drive a car on the other side of the pond, and among the
>first things they teach you, while hammering the postulates of European
>traffic laws is: you never_ever sit in a left lane, when the right lane
>is free. And man, do they enforce it!
>I am probably the only driver in Philly, who shoots to the right
>immediately after passing, and to add insult to the injury, I do it with
>a blinker flashing. To say that I hold a clear left lane to enforce the
>speed limit is like....jeez, I can't even come up with a colourfull
>enough comparison, to illustrate how ludicrous it sounds. It's like
>accusing Phil of speaking inproper English or something. ;)
>Typical Philly drivers would form a "caravan of idiots" (as I call it)
>going slowly in the left lane, while the right one, my personal favorit,
>is totally free. Actually, when I come to think about it, the right lane
>IS the fast lane here.
>Igor Kessel
>'89 200TQ
>18psi of boost + MOMO inside and out. Speed limit? What speed limit?

>P.S. No flame was intended, Tony, I am just trying to clarify some
>things :-)