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86 Treser super 5000 TQ

Anybody out there interested in buying an 86 Treser Super 5000 TQ? It's got
all of the body stuff - the spoiler/front bumper, the side skirts and rear
spoiler - and also a short throw shifter, progressive springs, heavier
swaybars, metric wheels (Tresers, about 17"), another 
set of 15" wheels, Yokohama AVID tires (purchased in November). It also has
a treser cam and variable cam timing. 

The body is in fair condition - dings and such, with a slightly crunched
front fender. But the drivetrain is still going strong. I've replaced most
of the usual things, and some unusual ones as well. All it needs is TLC and
a good home. Reply by e-mail or call me at 215-247-1227 evenings.
Benjamin M. Baldridge