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Avi's stubborn refusal to believe

Avi seems to think that Consumer reports has done the only unbiased testing
of oil. This couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, as I recall,
Consumer Reports admitted that it's tests were not the most scientific. The
fact is, there are many technical papers published by the S.A.E. which
document the results of extensive tests of synthetic oil using ASTM standards
(the only standards that are worth a damn) and the results show that
synthetic oils out perform conventional oils in every way. There is even more
documentation supporting this in papers and books on the subject of engine
tribology. Any and all of these are available for purchase through the S.A.E.
While the use of synthetic oil may not be necessary to obtain engine
longevity, there is no doubt that it is better. I doubt that you will find
any racing teams using anything but synthetic. I think it's foolish to use
anything but synthetic in a turbo engine.