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Re: Consumer Reports

>You are dead wrong on that,  They have a huge, dedicated, and well equipped
>test facility in Connecticut. The place is staffed by capable engineers,
>with OE experience.  Their facility is the envy of any and all of the
>"enthusiast" style car magazines.  In fact it is bigger, better equipped and
>better staffed than the test facilities of quite a few import car brands on
>sale in the U.S.

I dunno if I'd call the testers at CR "Capable engineers"  Several of 
their tester came through a Skip Barber that I was teaching at... These 
folks (3 guys and a gal) were, ummmmm inept comes to mind. 2 of the four 
could not shift a manual gearbox.

I would never trust these people to come up with a rational and well 
founded opinion.  Especailly after the 4 days that I spent with their 
"Capable Engineers"


Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
St. Louis, MO