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Re: Synthoil AGAIN?? not long...

>What data do you want? the test report, the hourly log? the oil analysis? 

Well, people don't just publish their conclusions in journals, you know.
The data is important because people may have different conclusions from
yours even though it may be the same data. Without data to backup your
claims/conclusions, I bet the original "Bob" Myers would say it's science

As for aother separate post... I'd have to say you're trying to persuade/
convert people. Are you trying to supply more information? Not in my eye.
There weren't anything to backup your conclusion. Thus, they were your
opinion and belief.

So post all you got! If the data support your conclusion, what do you have
to lose? I don't think Dan would mind (huh? Dan? Huh?). This ain't BMW or
MB list, Avi. Most of us don't assume much, and don't give easily to

>I am not Simpson you know......

??? Well, Simpson had mucho money to bail himself out. Too bad all the
scientific evidence points him as the major suspect.

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