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aUDIdvice revisited; any screen savers out there...

Good morning, Audi list,

First, the fun stuff, does anyone know of any Audi screen savers out there?
I have a great BMW one running on my pc now, but it no longer feels
right... I need my Audi-ness displayed with pride!

Next, the technical question about my purchase in progress: As a reminder,
the car in question is a '92 100cs 5speed non-quattro. When I drove the car
on Saturday, you New Englanders will remember, the temperture was hovering
around 68 degrees and the car ran beautifully. I did notice a slight
"lumpiness" to the idle that I attributed to the fact the engine is a V6
rather than an inline-6 (which I'm driving now). From what I understand, an
inline-6 engine has an inherent natural balance, whereas a V6 is only in
balance when the cylinders are set at, I seem to recall, a 90 degree angle.
Well, last night, I brought my wife by to see the car and the temperture
was about 30 degrees, we started it up and the engine sounded a bit "dry",
and the idle was much more "lumpy". My question is, how smooth is the
engine at idle in the 100's? The car is scheduled for the pre-purchase
inspection this afternoon and I'll have them pay extra special attention to
the engine and it's idle, but I'd like to hear from some real people that
have ownership experience with these V6's.

Sean Ford
Newton-Wellesley Hospital
Newton, MA 02162 (USA)