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Re: CR and oil

In a message dated 97-02-25 08:59:14 EST, you write:

<< >>>I would never trust these people to come up with a rational and well
 founded opinion.  Especailly >>>after the 4 days that I spent with their
 "Capable Engineers"
 Geez, I dunno Eric, my Dad's a near engineering genius, many patents, so
 on, so forth;.....he's
 a terrible driver though...always has been.  Not sure what the correlation
 is here.  You don't have to be a great driver to be a great engineer.  In
 fact, if your refridgerator doesn't burn up tonight and you're happy that
 our some of our servicemen were not irradiated to death today, you can
 thank my Dad, the terrible driver.
My late dad was a NEG as well, but WAS a good driver....  Really, that has
nothing to do with understanding testing methods on anything but driving
(even then, a good engineer could figgr that out as well, even being a bad
driver), an amusing story, nothing more...  Not sure there really are many on
this list who consult CR for car buying advice, by definition, you prolly
wouldn't be here.....

This oil thread is and has been here before (almost a year aniversary in
fact)....  Just like the machines one buys, I find the same illogical and
opinionated beliefs on oil testimonials as well....  

Run what you brung, put any oil you want in it, gotta have it to run....
 Hardly worth wasting bandwidth converting anyone here....

My .02 for the save/give a penny cup

'87 5ktqRS210W302OR15W502B"BRS2ITW"2B