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Re: 86 Treser super 5000 TQ

At 04:44 PM 2/24/97 -0500, you wrote:
>Anybody out there interested in buying an 86 Treser Super 5000 TQ? It's got
>all of the body stuff - the spoiler/front bumper, the side skirts and rear
>spoiler - and also a short throw shifter, progressive springs, heavier
>swaybars, metric wheels (Tresers, about 17"), another 
>set of 15" wheels, Yokohama AVID tires (purchased in November). It also has
>a treser cam and variable cam timing. 
>The body is in fair condition - dings and such, with a slightly crunched
>front fender. But the drivetrain is still going strong. I've replaced most
>of the usual things, and some unusual ones as well. All it needs is TLC and
>a good home. Reply by e-mail or call me at 215-247-1227 evenings.
>Benjamin M. Baldridge

Several people have asked about the mileage: it has 142.5K on it. Several
people have asked whether I would be willing to part it out. I would rather
not do that; I don't think I could stand looking at the remains. 
One person asked about rust: it has good structural integrity. There is a
small patch of surface rust on the trunk lid, where some paint has chipped
off. But there is no rust, to my knowledge, on the floor pans. The body is
basically sound. All it needs is cosmetics. 

I have decided on a price, too: $4500, or nearest offer. 

Ben Baldridge
86 Treser super 5000tq (for now)
91 BMW 325ix
Benjamin M. Baldridge