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Re: '91 200 TQW K&N Filter

>Date: Mon, 24 Feb 1997 09:38:23 -0700
>To: "Meron" <phwomp@cosmoslink.net>
>From: "John W. Cooper" <Jacques.Noir@worldnet.att.net>
>Subject: Re: '91 200 TQW K&N Filter
>At 09:00 2/24/97 +0000, you wrote:
>> >I'ts my impression I want to have good clean air no matter what kind
>>>of engine I'm running.  In fact, because of the high demand of a turbo
>>>engine, it is even more sensitive to dirty air than a not so stressed unit
>>>naturally aspirated. 
>>Not that simple John, in order for a filter to work well it has be a bit
>>DIRTY, filters are designed to operate with some dirt (I tested many
>And so a K&N becomes much more efficient when it can't flow as much air as
it does when clean.  So I found with motorcycle racing engines.  A long
motocross will make a K&N the best filter on the track.  Good.  But it
doesn't flow as much air as when it was clean.  What did we gain here?
>>Look at it this way, a naturally aspirated engine can only suck using the
>>pistons as a pump.....not that strong!.... a turbo engine can suck much,
>>much, harder...... so it is much more important to have a clean filter with
>>a NA engine than it is with a turbo engine, 
>>this is ONLY a rule of thumb.....
>>Avi Meron 
>Perhaps my point wasn't made as well as I thought.  It doesn't matter what
way or force is used to get the air inside the engine, as long as it is
clean.  What intervening device is used to do that isn't material, as long
as it performs the function of getting as much dirt out as possible.  It
appears that using a K&N in a turbo Quattro 20v lets dirty air past the
filter element.  I don't find that comforting, and I'm not ready to wait
while the filter gets dirty enough to do its job.  I'm sure that the paper
replacements are going to let SOMETHING through, but it isn't visable to my
aging eyes.  All I'm trying to point out is that unless I am going racing, a
paper element is a preferable product, and preferably non-Audi.
>Thanks for your response,

(John Cooper