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RE: quattro prices

In a note dated 2/21/97 Steve Valin writes:
While $15.5K isn't a bad asking price, I'm not sure it's worth that much more
than the clean '89 200Q that Carlsen has for $9K (99K miles).  I know the
are much more desirable, but 70% more desirable?>>
Yes it is...because the '91 200 20v tq is an extremely rare and desirable
car. Also, it would be a hard stretch to the $9k 89 given that just about
exactly the same car can be had in an earlier 5kcstq for about half that
amount. Anyone who can really afford to go out and finance that $9k 89 could
stretch to afford the '91 and it would be a far better purchase IMO. OTOH, I
can't afford car payments at all right now so the paid-for 4kq will have to
keep my car lust cravings happy for now. Hmmm 15.5k...

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq