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Re: '86 Coupe GT bearings R?/R?

		1)what do I need for tools? Not too many if I'm right. I think a
socket(I need the proper size if possible so I don't find I do not have
it after I have the wheel off)to remove the caliper. A phillips to get
the rotor off. After that I'm not sure. Maybe a hammer or plummer? grips
to get the cap off? I think I need to remove the axle. That requires hex
or allem or ? What size?
The easiest way is to change a wheel bearing is to have someone else 
do it. I hear there is some type of tool available to remove the bearing with 
the strut housing in place, but I have never seen or used it. For me, I remove
the strut housing and take it to a mech with a 20 ton press to press out the
old bearing and press in the new one. Here is a cliff note version of how
I would do this job

loosen/remove axle nut
loosen wheel bolts
jack up and support car
remove wheel
remove brake caliper and hang out of way
remove brake disk
remove ball joint pinch bolt
remove a sway bar nut from locating rod
press out ball joint from strut housing
remove tie rod nut
press out tie rod from steering arm on strut housing
press out axle shaft from hub ( I use a 6 in gear puller)
support strut housing with jack
remove upper strut nut
strut housing can now be removed

drive to mech shop and have him replace bearing using large press

installation is reverse of removal

In addition to new bearings I use new upper strut nuts, new tie rod nuts,
new ball joint bolt and nut, nut for sway bar locating rod and new axle nut.

I can't remember exact sizes for the wrenches and sockets used.

		2)how do I get the bearings out? Punch w/ something or do they slide
20 ton press

		2)what do I clean/lubricate with?
wheel bearings are sealed and should need no lubrication.

		3)anything else(prolly!)?
The L.F. bearing was last done on 7-20-96 for $103.60 total($51
bearing/$50 labor +tax). Should I do the right side myself or for the
100 bucks, pay my mechanic again? 
if you can find a mech who will do it for $100 including the bearing, 
he would be doing the job. but thats just my opinion.

83 ur-q, all new suspension 3 years ago
86 gt, bilstein and h&r 1 year ago