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5k probs...


I'm taking the 5k to the mechanic tomorrow and letting him change the 
water pump. Thanks to all for the advice on the procedure, but my lack 
of a garage is impeding me too greatly to attempt the repair at this 
time. So I'll bite the bullet.

My car has no quattro or turbo. Where the engine and the tranny meet, 
near the hydraulic tank, there are three wire sets with connectors 
(all different connectors) that are unattached. Should these go to 
anything? Auto check things, perhaps? I also noticed that my coolant 
expansion tank has no level sender (or hole for one) on the top, as 
the Bentley indicates that it should.

I think I may have a serious problem beyond a broken pump. Though the 
Mobil 1 on my dipstick looks fine, and my oil level hasn't risen any, 
I noticed some froth on the inside of the filler cap. I fear that it 
may be coolant. I wouldn't want to feed it to the neighbor's cat to 
measure its toxicity, but otherwise, is there a way to check if the 
froth is serious (coolant) or nothing to worry about? If it is 
coolant, how huge and expensive of a problem am I facing?

Lastly, though I did RTFM, I cannot find the coolant temp sender. I 
need to know where it is soon so I can tell Huw, who is selling me 
some parts, where to find it; it would probably make my installation 
easier if I knew where it was, as well. ;)

Uncovering problem after problem after problem,
--Ted Harlan

"Stabbings, shootings, and mimes aren't funny. So why is it so funny 
when a mime gets shot or stabbed?"