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MultiMeter Distribution


I was indicating in my previous email that the Fluke 78 and 88 
Automotive specific Multimeters are only available through 
designated "automotive" distributors.........not 
through standard electrical/electronic distributors........
This Tool-Tronics appears to be a distributor of
 automotive products, yes?

I was not indicating that the standard electrical/electronic versions 
of the Fluke DMM's 73, 75, 76, 77 , 83, 85, 87 etc. were not sold 
through the automotive distributors. In other words, the restriction
is that the electrical/electronic distributors are not supposed to 
sell the automotive DMM (78 and 88) versions. Not vice-versa
Mac Tools (Automotive distributor) carries the standard 
Fluke DMM's  as well as the automotive specific versions.
Hope that clears things up.
Scott M.

>Scott wrote:
>...the  78 and the 88 are the AUTOMOTIVE versions of the 70 and
>80 series DMM's that Fluke sells, "they" are only sold through 
>their  designated automotive distributors 
>and they are not available through the electrical/electronic 
<distributors listed previously...

"they" is supposed to refer to the 78 and 88

>>Mark replied:
>>Not true on this one.  I have a catalog from an outfit called 
>>(800-846-TOOL) and they have the 98 ($2850) 88 ($479) 78 ($279) 
>>77 ($215) and 73 ($130) listed in the catalog.  Not an electrical 
>>but a discount source for automotive things.  They offer a 20% discount 
>>off of the catalog prices.  Free shipping on orders over $50.  
>>Lots of other cool stuff!