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Re: Devlac

>What makes devlac "better and cheaper"?  Seems to
>be little reason to make and market Mobil1, except
>of course, that "Devlac" is such an attractive branding name :-)

>Any further info, except that maybe it is made to be more
>compatible with older engine seals?
I will try to find it for you (four house moves later.....)
Fleet (industrial) oil is not treated the same as consumer oil,
fleet/industrial users are VERY conservative and don't change easily, they
are treated more cautiously by the oil companies, also oils are blended to
be more specific (per use). Users (most of the time) have to use a specific
blend to meet the OEM warranty conditions...
Avi Meron
I am not sure about the seals (your question), maybe? I don't know (my
guess is that you are correct in that assumption)