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Re: 225-50ZR16 - will this fit on a '90 Coupe?

sdF wrote:
> ...Borbet type Ms...16x7.5, any chance I can run 225-50s on the car?
> Tire rack says the most I can go is 205-55, but I seem to remember the 
> 225s being talked about on this series before.

Well I hope so!!!

I got some advice from the list, and then sprung for some 16x7.5x35
Motoring Exponents Zones (Borbet C clones) with 225/50-16 P7000ss
from Discount Tire Direct.

They are sitting in a nice shiny stack in the barn waiting for thaw.
Maybe I should slap them on pronto to make sure.

1990 20vCQ