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Oil pressure guage

In message <97Feb26.075645est.8066-3@gateway.nwh.org> "Sean Ford" writes:

> ... I watched the oil pressure gauge.. while driving it was
> pegged at 5 bar and at idle it would hover around 2 bar. Ok, I'm a goof.

It means everything's working as it should.  The minimum oil pressure is around 
1.4 bar to 1.8 bar, with an absolute minimum of 2.0 bar at 2000 rpm.  2.0 bar 
at idle exceeds this requirement by a comfortable margin.
There's a pressure relief valve designed to prevent the pump delivering too 
much pressure - it should open between 5 bar and 8 bar, preferably at the 
lower end of that range. "Pegged at 5 bar" indicates the relief valve is 
working properly and at the right end of the range.  If it starts to fail, oil 
pressure will (usually) eventually increase.  Don't let it get above 8 bar.

All values assume oil at 80 degrees Celcius.

(As an aside - the main symptom of too much oil pressure, according to Audi, 
is that the engine "dies shortly after starting and then spins noticably 
quickly on the starter".  I've never tried this!)

And if you could take the (superfluous) "MIME Version" out of your headers
I'd be ever so grateful.
 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club