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Re: Audi Quattro V8 Tranny

     I asked this same question recently.  It is a limp-home mode and is 
     forced into high gear.  Some replies said it never happened but once 
     or twice and was fine, so ignore it, while others told me to hustle to 
     a dealer and get the fluid levels checked.
     Mine did this twice on a cross-country trip.  Despite the dealer in 
     Albuquerque telling me the fluid levels were fine (I stopped to have 
     it checked), when I got back home, my local mechanic (near Boston) 
     noticed the transmission slipping and discovered the fluid level was 
     low and had a burned appearance and odor.  My transmission is great 
     again with new fluid.
     Conclusion: it's probably the fluid levels and don't necessarily trust 
     someone who says they are OK.  It requires a special tool to check the 
     levels, so don't take it to jiffy-lube-type places.
     Jack Rich
     84 4kq
     88 Corvette convertible
     90 V8