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RE: Ski rack for rent ???

>I have one set for my audi 90q.  Normally I always take my 90q for
>skiing.  But we need to take the 100 this time (one week only - March
>9).  Obviously my rack won't fit my wife's 100.

What year is your '90?  And the wife's 100?  If the 90 is a '88 -'92,
and the 100 is a '84-91, it'll fit fine.  I traded my sister my Q for
her 80 (I was working on her car at the time,) and I swapped my Yakima
rack right on it.

MKSpiers@frii.com (temporaliry disabled)
'87 5kCS TQ (Fort Collins, Colorado)
'84 5kS (Boulder, Colorado)
'90 80 (Bethesda, Maryland)