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Re: Update: A4Q 1.8T Manual Tranny Order

Here is the latest word I received from my father:

 Nice to know I am not the only one in this predicament!  Yes I ordered
 the trip computer and no sunroof, so it sounds like there may be a
 problem with one or the other.  

 I ordered my car just after Thanksgiving, 11/23/96 to be exact, for a
 February delivery.  The 2nd week in January I was told by my very nice
 salesman that the car was going into production the 3rd week of January
 and that we were on schedule.  When you told me that the Net was abuzz
 with the rumor of delays I stopped by to see him, and sure enough, the
 status of the car on his printout was 'not yet in production'.  As of
 last Saturday 2/22/97 the car was not even scheduled!  What upset both
 myself as well as the salesman is that other car orders he placed AFTER
 mine for general sales stock WERE already in production!  He was at a
 loss as to explain why.  To further complicate matters another car like
 mine, A4 1.8T quattro, manual (but with sunroof and BOSE) ordered in
 January WAS IN PRODUCTION!  I told him that I would take that car,
 albeit at the same price as quoted for my car.  Needless to say he did
 not like that idea, but was still at a loss as to explain it.  He is
 'checking' with Audi of America 'executives' to get an explanation, but
 that was a week ago and I still do not have an answer.  I just called
 him but he was busy.  Regardless of his answer if I want my car then it
 looks like it will be another 2 months at best even if the car goes into
 production next week ... bummer.  Let's see ... 11/23/97 to approx 5/1/97
 is 5 1/2 months!  Tell Mark on the net that he's gonna have to share the
 wife's car a while longer, or decide to take one of the A4's off the
 dealer's lot.  It is what it is  .. tough to still be an Audi fan, but
 with 364,000 miles on my 82 Coupe I do truly still love it!

'85 Coupe GT
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