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Misc. ?s

Hi again, I forgot a few questions.
	What is the opinion on Fram's Double Guard oil filter with Teflon? - I
assume not good due to the recent posts on Teflon.
	What is the opinion on Jacobs Electronics' Omni-Pak and other products?
Does any lister have any experience w/ their products?
	60K miles(almost exactly) and 3 yrs.(almost exactly also!) ago I had my
mechanic check my timing belt. He said it was fine. Going over records,
including original manufacturers warranty book, I cannot seem to find
ANY record of a timing belt being done on my I5!! I know this is bad,
but is it extremely uncommon for one to last that long(167K miles if one
was never done). I bought the car from an Audi dealer w/ 60K miles on it
and it was dealer serviced up to that point. Is it safe to assume that
it was done by a dealer, since it was fine at the 100K mile mark?
					Thanks to all, Allan