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Re: Avi's Good Note

     Well written.  I also found it difficult to reconcile evidence that 
     synthetic was inferior, with a recommendation to use it in certain 
     I can't recall who said it, but someone with a credible background 
     claimed that the advantages of synthetic make no difference if an 
     engine is operating within design parameters.  Whether starting up is 
     an exception makes for interesting debate.  This person claimed 
     synthetic does make a difference when design limits are exceeded, as 
     in a heavily modified engine, under failure conditions, or when the 
     design was done in error.  This point of view seems believable to me, 
     and positions synthetic as an insurance policy.
     To your expected advantages, I would add the ability to survive a 
     complete loss of oil pressure.  I have heard anecdotal evidence to 
     support this; I have also heard cases of people losing engines when 
     they lost oil pressure, so it's not entirely acedemic.
     Richard Funnell
     '83 urQ
     >>> Avi said ...
     I expect to gain the following 
     advantages from using synthetics:
     1)  More protection when starting the engine and oil pressure is low. 
     I believe that synthetics provide better residual lubrication 
     qualities during start-up, before oil pressure rises.
     2)  More protection against oil caking in the turbo bushings on my 
     cars.  I believe that synthetics are less prone to burning.coking on 
     the bushings in the turbos after the engines are shut down.
     3)  More protection against oil jelling if I or another driver ever 
     overheat the engine and cannot shut it off immediately.
     4)  Extended oil change intervals, because it tends to maintain 
     accurate viscosity longer than standard oil, and because I use 
     Amsoil's filters, which I believe to be superior in filtration to 
     conventional filters, including the Audi models.
     I do not believe that I am gaining a world-beating advantage.  I do 
     believe that I am getting an edge, and I'm willing to pay more per 
     quart to get it.
     I welcome comments to the contrary, when they are phrased in logical 
     and well-reasoned fashion, and complete in content.  You seem like a 
     sharp guy.  Lets have more detail!
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