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Need Hydro Help!

Gross Scruggs tells us that the precious pentosin is boiling out of the top
of his resevoir. He's changed the cap, etc. and it didn't help.

You get to replace or rebuild (2-3 hours, $20 in gaskets) the hydraulic
pump. Much info in the archives, torque settings, special tool, gasket set
part numbers and contents, look for a thread "pentosin volcano!" - ask me
how I know about this one . . . !

Not a bad job, but don't clamp the pump body in a bench vise - you risk
distorting it and ruining it - put some bolts through the various mounting
holes and clamp THEM in the vise - the only thing you'll have to put the
grunt on is the "X" caps - you'll invent a few new cuss words, too, having
worn out the old ones. Or you can get a rebuilt pump for about $200 from the
vendors (I think that's the price - personally, it took me 2 hours, so I
figure my time was worth $100 an hour.)

If it makes you feel better, check the tightness of the various hoses and
fittings before you pull and rebuild the pump. (We KNOW the engine is out of
oil, but we're hoping against hope that the gauge is bad!)

(I see our UK cousin Phil mentions something about MIME e-mails at 300 cps.
Phil, if you're really honest-to-gawd using a 300 baud modem, I'll GIVE you
a 9600 with the correct BT adaptors - honest! Or did I not understand the
dry British humor?)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman