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Re: Misc. ?s

Allan, Ted--

I would agree that a timing belt could last 167k, BUT Allan you
could be at the end of your proverbial Karmic rope--I would get that
sucker changed, and soon!  The cost of prevention FAR outweighs the price
of cure (all those bent valves!  Ouch!). Some day I want to Roadtrip up to
Boston to see some friends, and I want to see you Coupe on the road, not
on blocks!!

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT, 82k

> Of course it is never safe to assume a dealer has done anything prudent or preventative.
> Anyway, I just replaced my timing belt on the '86 5k. It was likely the original, as it 
> was very worn and it had the VW/Audi marks on it. The car has around 110k miles on it. I 
> don't think 167k is too ridiculous. It certainly seems possible.
> --Ted Harlan