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Re: missing A4 headlight washer cover

no. thanks.
by the way, will the dealer replace it for free???
still under the warranty, right?


On Mon, 24 Feb 1997, Curtis Foon wrote:

> My poor '96 A4 is missing it's left headlight washer cover. 
> It looks like it broke off, but I don't see how that could 
> happen unless someone came along and took it or it was 
> faulty.  The dealer says that they to replace the cover and 
> the washer housing for a total of $300!  This is crazy.  I 
> drove my car twice this weekend and can't remember seeing 
> it missing until I looked at my car this morning and seeing 
> a hole in my bumper.  Has this happened to anyone's A4 
> before?
> -Curtis
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> Curtis Foon
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