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Re: Ur q clutch job questions...

This may be a no-brainer but (in case you've not thought about it) plan
on renting a tranmission jack.  I found the job to be a one-man-show with
the help of said jack.

83' UrQ

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997 Raudi83TQ@aol.com wrote:

> BTDT, Steve. Bad news, the trans comes out to fix bearing. Audi book says
> 6.5hr, plan on more. Consider engine rear seal and other clutch parts if you
> don't want to make this trip again. Consider a disc and pressure
> plate/flywheel from an 80/90 q, about 8lb lighter. Watch out for wires for
> backup lights and timing sensor as trans comes out. Had to remove don pipe on
> mine, too. Enjoy!
> John
> 83urq

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