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Synthetic oils and teflon additives.

Despite loving my Audi V8 and A6 wagon, my Mustang GT served me well for 10
and will still be around for a while.  This is the car that has 310,000
miles on synthetic oils
and Tufoil (last in engine only).  My last message did not state that
despite never having 
modified the engine (other than 1.7 roller rockers), and in fact never
having opened the 
engine (except to take off the rocker covers), this car still outperforms
my brother-in-law's
1996 Mustang Cobra with 305 hp in 0 - 60 time (best was 5.3 seconds).  It
does have
the usual bolt-ons (big MAF sensor, throttle body, Jacobs ignition
etcetera), but I think 
most of the extra performance comes from the Syntec engine oil and the
Tufoil additive!

Dennis Jones.