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Re: BP merger with Mobil

On Wed, 26 Feb 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> Hmm.
> Now - any UK (high-compression? MB and RR?) ur-quattro owners - what brand do 
> _you_ use?
I use Shell, 99% of the time, failing that (i.e Im not local, and can't 
find a Shell garage, I use Esso, very occasionly "Rix".
What amazes me, is that the Shell garage is normally 1-2p a litre cheaper 
than any of the other "locals", coming in at 65.9ppl. The local Mobil/BP 
garage charges 68.9ppl, Rix being 66.9ppl.
I only fill up with Esso, when Im in Doncaster, because Petrol there is 
very cheap (for round here anyway) coming in at 62.9ppl.
I have never had any warning light illuminate on the dash, to say there 
is a problem, except when my HT leads were *crap*, and then the orange 
engine block light illumnated under heavy acceleration.

BTW: Maybe see you at the AGM, if I make it, depends how much money I 
have left after my holiday ;-)

"Today's programme was brought to you by the letter P, and the numbers 4 
and 5"

Michael Burton
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