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Re: New A3 spotted (and Polos)

Kevin Linville <kevin@loronix.com> wrote:

>Driving home from work, I came up behind a bright green VW Polo. I checked
>the plates to see if it had Euro ones... but no, they were AZ. manufacturer
>.  Moving past the Polo, I came up to another VW Cordoba SEAT SXE SDi?.

Deluxe model SEAT (Polo-based) with direct-injection N/A Diesel engine (as
opposed to the TDI Audi uses, which is a turbocharged direct-injection

>eyes quickly picked out the Audi rings on the next 2 cars.  The first one
>had no badges other than the rings, the second one was a A3 1.9TDi, I donít
>know if either were quattros, but I think they both were A3s.

The q version (syncro, actually, because it uses the transverse drivetrain
of the VW Golf) of the A3 hasn't been introduced yet... the A3 is easy to
identify because of its distinctive rear end (looks like an A4 Avant, but
not quite).

  Total car
>count looks like 3 Polos, 2 A3s, 1 Cordoba and 3 of what look like the Polo
>with about a foot cut off of the back, no badges.

That might be the forthcoming sub-Polo model, which will be introduced as
the Seat Arosa(? -that's what the magazines say). It will compete with the
new Ford Ka. Names for the VW version have been suggested as 'Lupino' or
Planned introduction: early next year.



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