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re:Audi V8, 1992, questions!

> 3.  The central locking and unlocking works fine with the keys, but the
> infra-red remote has no effect.
>       Both keys do emit IR pulses (we checked them with that useful gadget
> from Radio Shack).  Any 
>       ideas what I need to fix, and where I can find it (thats one reason
> why I need a workshop manual).

My '93 100CSQ had some problems with the remote when I bought it.  After 
replacing the batteries, one was dead and one wasn't.  The dead one had
a cold solder joint on the IC inside, which I fixed.  After replacing the
batteries, the keys have to re-synchronized to the car, which the owner
manual explains.  If you;ve done the synchro thing, then I'm not sure
what to tell you...