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5kTQ dying, help fast!!!

Hey all you out there.  I am having some problems with my 86 5kTQ.  I had a
real tough time starting my car this morning.  Waited about a half hour and
tried again.  Fianlly started.  After idling there for a few minutes, the
volt light came on on the dash, and she started to die.  Tried to start her
up again, nothing.  I figured it was the alternator.  When I think about it
though, the starter was turning over great this morning, just wasn't
starting.  I jumped it and it started alright.  Idled great for a few
minuted, then same thing.  I did notice some clicking from the realy box,
maybe not realted though.  Any help would be awesome.  I have had alot of
trouble with this car lately.  Thanks.

James Fawcett
86 5KTQ