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Re: 4Runners and Audis (Job)

boweb4p0@numen.elon.edu wrote:
> Hey y'all
> Two things
> 1) my dad's '96 4Runner with 15k on it just had to have the head gaskets
> replaced.  WHY?  Recall. I guess, anyone else had/heard of this.  Could
> any damage have occured as this is a leased vehicle and he doesn't want
> to be stuck in the end.

  RUMOR has it that the V6 engines have a hidden recall due to high rate
of failure. My friends 93 4Runner with 100,100 kms on itblew out a head
gasket in November in the middle of Saskatchewan blizzard(that's cold)
300kms from home. $4000 later the vehicle was running again. Of course
this has escalated a "reliable" Toyota vs "Eurocrap" Audi pub
discussion(ob. content). Then there was the 4Runner $900 fuel pump 

  The rumor came from a CBCRadio Car Info item with a person from
(re Book and Web page car information source).stating that this was a
secret service bulletin and package for this model.

 Patrick James

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