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Re: Audis (Job)

I went by Crown Audi/BMW when I was searching for an A4Q last summer.  They
were very helpful and the salesman was very pro-audi.  When I went there I
was still not sure if I liked the 328 or A4 better.  After being able to
drive the 2 cars one after the other the choice was obvious to me.  I now
have a '97 A4Q 2.8 manual (I didn't get the car at Crown because they had
was FWD manuals at the time).  I previously drove an '87 325i conv., this
is my first Audi.  I gave my wife the 325i.

I had to take the 325i to have the oil changed last week.  It's amazing how
after driving the Audi for 2 months I hated almost everything about that

Good luck on your new job Bryan!

- Chris Loker
  Roanoke, VA

On 2/27/97 Bryan Bowen wrote:
> 2) As of Monday, I'll be employed at Crown Audi/BMW in Greensboro, NC.  
> It's like putting a kid in a candy store and telling him he can taste 
> everything.  Test Dirves: A8q here I come.
> -Bryan