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Re: mysterious bogging down

> Last friday I sent a message about my '86 Quattro 4000 (with '87 engine) 
> having troubles "bogging down" after a few minutes of driving.  Someone 
> suggested to me that it was the injector seals.  But wouldn't it have the

> problem all the time then?  (I don't know much about cars).  It only does
> about 65% of the time, and it seems to go away faster if I pump the 
> accelerator.  Also, if you turn the car off, and then on again, you can
> the engine just fine, but then it just bogs down again.  It doesn't
> whether the car is warm or not, or whether the weather is cold or not. 
> within a few minutes of starting the car, in any gear, I get no power. 
> rpm's drop as well.  I think it's getting worse, it's VERY frustrating,
and I 
> don't have tons of $ to fix this, so I'd welcome any/all suggestions!  
> Thanks!!    PS Are injector seals expensive to replace???  :)

Don't know if you have thought of this, but a catalytic converter that is
becoming clogged could do this.  You didn't happen to notice a rattling
from under the car prior to this whole episode starting did you?  It could
be that for now, when you turn off the car, the broken pieces are settling
down to the bottom and then when you restart, with the force of the exhaust
they work their way back into the flow.

I actually had my cat get clogged on my '86 GTI that I used to have.  It
got so bad that I couldn't keep enough revs to run in 4th or 5th gear.

Anyway, just a though FWIW.

Ron Bauer

BS Miata this year - some day my 911 will be done