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Re: CQ Foglight prices...

>In a message dated 97-02-27 23:01:47 EST, you write:
><< Sick looking bunch!  Your vehicles sound like they need some medical
> attention!
>  >>
>Fuck off asshole, you obviously don't know what capabilities these cars have!
>Waiting to see you on the road with my Caprice - take you out *immediately*!!
>By the way, what state are you in, and what *vehicle* do you drive?

Whoa!  Are you serious?  I was joking!  I said that because two were in the
shop and one had just had it's foglight broken.  I wasn't saying I didn't
like your cars.  I was saying I felt bad for you because all your cars were
either being run into something or in for service.

I drive an '86 Audi 4000s and love Audis, and my favorite american car is
Chevy all the way.  Settle down!

Sorry if you misinterpreted my comment.