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Re: oil usage

> You seem to suggest that it's at least somewhat normal that the car will
> burn oil?
> I find that hard to believe, especially considering my past history with
> Audis, which have never burned any oil at all.

	At first I thought everyone else posting messages about cars(new even!)
burning those amounts of oil "normaly" was slightly. . well . . loopy.
Then I realized the "techno" members of the list were in agreement and
it *was* normal for engines to burn quarts(!) of oil. At that point I
wished I hadn't opened my keyboard and posted a nonbeliever message. But
now I am happy to hear from someone else who has NO(significant, of
course) burning of oil in their engine. I realize some oil is natuarally
burned off, but my used oil generally fills the (4) 1-quart containers
back up.
	While on the subject, what is the proper amount of oil to be poured
into the KX?('86 CGT I5) engine at the time of an oil change. I know it
is in the manual(I think it says 4.5 quarts), but my mechanic says 5 and
I've always used 4. If it does say 4.5, should I use exactly 4.5?(I bet
that's a dumb question!)
	Sorry about the BW for those of you who have gone over this 100 times.

> 'course they also never had 'slushbox' problems, electrical gremlins, or
> any of the other various maladies that seem to be common here;

	I can say ditto for that - except I've had my share of "electrical

> I guess the Audi Gods just smile on me a lot (knock on burled walnut
> trim in my 90CS...)

	Uh-oh!! I don't have "burled walnut trim!"  ;)

							TIA! Allan