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oil usage

In message <33168963.1A3@tiac.net> Allan Jones writes:

> 	At first I thought everyone else posting messages about cars(new even!)
> burning those amounts of oil "normaly" was slightly. . well . . loopy.
> Then I realized the "techno" members of the list were in agreement and
> it *was* normal for engines to burn quarts(!) of oil. At that point I
> wished I hadn't opened my keyboard and posted a nonbeliever message. But
> now I am happy to hear from someone else who has NO(significant, of
> course) burning of oil in their engine. I realize some oil is natuarally
> burned off, but my used oil generally fills the (4) 1-quart containers
> back up.

Neither my 1985 Coupe GT engine (154k) nor the 1988 ur-quattro (140k) use a 
measurable amount of oil between changes.  I have no idea how either was run 
in, since I bought both second-hand.
And yes - _BOTH_ get hot enough to boil off contaminants.


When I was in the professional running-in business in the early 1980s with 
about 50 Audi 80Ss, we noticed that cars would _suddenly_ use about a litre 
during the running-in process.  All of the fuel and oil invoices passed over my 
desk at that time, itemised, and the oil items were negligible.

(But I could never understand the _HUGE_ amounts we spent on tyres!)

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club