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K24 Turbo

	Before my message may I say how wonderful I think it is that there is a
listserver like this available. As a quattro owner for many years (first
car was an 85 4KSQ) I have found the material very interesting, even the
thread on the torque issue.
	I am another person interested in replacing my 82' ur-quattro's
original turbo with a water-cooled version. I am under the impression
that it will greatly reduce turbo lag. Referring to an earlier message
on the topic, the disadvantages of the K24 unit is poorer compressor
efficiency at high flow while the advantage comes in the lower Rpm's. Is
it true that if I replaced my older turbo with the smaller K24 that
performance will decrease at high Rpm's? Will the RS2 increase
performance at both ends than? I would really appreciate some feedback
on this topic. If anyone has some more info on the RS2 unit like price
compared to other alternatives and ease of installation I would also
appreciate that. - Thank you!

Andrew Pennell
82' TQC
92 SAAB 900T