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Re: quattro is a hit with CAR

In a note dated 2/27/97 Colin Cohen writes:

<<For the uninformed and deprived, CAR magazine describes our beloved q not Q
(mind you) as a car which started on a gigh and lost the plot. But even
today, they say, this ultimate 20 valver is near untouchable on real roads.
No Audi since has had a fraction of the personality.>>

Here in the US we are certainly deprived...especialy having never had this
wonderful machine imported here. Thanks to Dan's list and other sources we
can be pretty well informed though. Unfortunatly the big part is deprived!!!
I think Audi has somewhat "lost the plot" internationaly, and have completely
"lost the plot" here in the US...yeah okay...a tweeked A41.8tq would be
nice...but what else is there today??? I truly miss the I5.

Scary thing is, Volvo is going to import what embodies more of the "quattro
plot" than what Audi currently does-that sucks! Personaly I would be just as
happy (if not happier) with a clean ur-q, a turbo'ed and tweeked 4kq, or
5ktq. All of these cars embody more of what quattros were once really all
about more than anything imported to the US today...call me old fashioned (or
broke), but I like the selection of US quattros from the last decade far more
than the present...at least we have a nice used market for these wonderful

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq (no I4 turbo, no V6, no airbags, no Torsen, nomex on!!!)