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RE: UFO Dump- was Torque Wrench Adapters

I hadn't heard from anybody who'd compared UFO with stock 5K/200 brakes
w/good pads, so I bow to your experience.
- peter

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> From:	John Firkins [SMTP:firkins@eis.net.au]
> Sent:	Friday, February 28, 1997 3:38 AM
> To:	'quattro@coimbra.ans.net'
> Subject:	RE: UFO Dump- was Torque Wrench Adapters
> >Peter is right about swept area & unsprung weight, but not about
> "more 
> >expensive braking systems".
> >I replaced my UFO's with the stock 200/5000 brakes & run Cool Carbon 
> >pads. Subjectively, this setup is better than the UFO/stock pad, but
> is 
> >not the best possible. I changed them because of the 
> >
> As I was saying, before I accidently sent the first bit,... I changed 
> them to reduce the servicing costs. In Oz, a front brake change on the
> UFO is  over $2,000 plus labor.  I went with  stock Audi parts because
> it 
> was easy to have them certified as a legit mod to the car, thus
> avoiding  
> any future hassle with the insurance company. It also enabled me to 
> change over the brakes for less than the cost of the UFO rotors.
> Certainly the AP setup, will produce a better braking  but the ongoing
> cost is likely to be equivelant to the UFO's. Those AP rotors are a
> work 
> of art, they run cool & are light, but longevity is not what they were
> designed for.  I doubt that you'd get half the life using them vs a
> stock 
> rotor.  If I was going in that direction, I'd be asking Eric about the
> rotors he planned (plans?) on using for his kit. He was talking about
> a 
> $80 rotor, not AP at that price.
> Cheers
> John Firkins