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Cars You Must Drive Before You Die

Hi all!

Just picked up the March issue of CAR magazine here in the U.S.  

Under their cover story, "The Cars You Must Drive Before You Die", 
subsection "The Kings of compromise" (5 cars/ 4 German) is the 
Audi quattro (ur-quattro). These cars are, according to CAR, ones 
"you could live with for the rest of your life without ever seeking a

"The road cars got better right to the 1989 finale.  Even today, this
20-valver is near untouchable on real roads.  No Audi since has had a
of the personality.  The wide-tracked, fat tyred chasis is safe, grippy and 
capable; crisp, too, thanks to the Torsen differential, with iron composure
the toughest terrain to match bank-vault build quality."  Sound about right,

Of course, judging by the list, they didn't think about one needing one's own

bank vault!

One of these days...

-Ingo Rautenberg
90 V8Q 163k+
85 4KQ 130k